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PDT8223 Wireless Barcode Scanner can work in 3 basic modes

      ● Wireless Real-time Barcode Data Scanner
      ● Offline Barcode Data Scanner
      ● Inventory-taking Data Collector

C168 Label Printer

     C168 Series
     Compact, affordable, endurance performance

   Perfect for:
 - Retail
 - Postal Services
 - Transportation Services
 - Healthcare
 - Shipping/Receiving

Labels &Ribbons

Axiom, expert provider of high-performance adhesive products, offers two types of heat-based label stocks. Both thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels
can be used to imprint data at your facility. Thermal printing is high quality, durable and eliminates the need for a protective laminate.
Thermal labels are offered in a variety of material, including polyester and paper. This type of printing is ideal for barcode labels